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For Whom Is This Service Designed?

Legal Response International (LRI) provides legal assistance free of charge through a network of pro bono experts from law firms, barrister chambers and universities. At present, due to limited resources, we can only accept requests submitted by individuals who represent a country’s government, parliament or judiciary.

How Does It Work?

  1. Register and confirm your registration
  2. Submit your question
  3. LRI will fine tune the question and assign it to a legal advisor
  4. Receive advice
  5. Provide feedback


IMPORTANT: LRI acts as an intermediary in obtaining legal advice from third parties on the query you have raised. That advice is provided to LRI but we are able to share it with you. The third-party advisers have accepted certain duties to LRI but have not and do not accept any duty to you. LRI itself does not and cannot provide legal advice. As a consequence, LRI takes no responsibility for the content of any advice that it forwards, nor does it accept any responsibility for any delay either in obtaining or sending copies to you of the advice it receives.

In forwarding the advice to you, LRI does not intend to create a lawyer-client relationship with you and to the extent permitted by law, any liability of LRI to you (including in negligence or for any damages of any kind) is excluded. Any dispute between you and LRI shall be governed by English Law, and the English Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.